Covid-19 Test

Official COVID-19 Tests for Travellers

All our tests will provide you with official certificate, sent by email, valid for all requirements including all travels internationally.

COVID-19 can be present in one’s system and the patient will show no signs of infection. This can be challenging to those who wish to travel but want to be sure that they will not spread COVID-19 to others. Our pharmacists at Marcos Pharmacy are qualified to provide COVID-19 testing to asymptomatic patients to clear them for travelling locally or internationally.

Click Here to download our Assessment Form

After you fill out the Assessment Form, please book an appointment by clicking here or using any of the appointment links on this page. An email confirmation of your appointment will be sent to you once we receive the assessment form. Please email the form to

How It Works

  • Book your test online

    Choose your city, your test type, a date and time, and secure your payment. Once your appointment is booked, move on to Step 2.

  • Complete the intake form for the lab

    Please complete it with accuracy to avoid delays. Note that this form works best on Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

  • Go to the pharmacy at the time of your appointment and complete your test

    Your specimen will be shipped to the lab on the day of collection for processing.

  • Get your results

    Results will be securely emailed as soon as they are available.

Please note every effort will be made for a 48-hour turnaround time; however, we cannot guarantee this timeframe due to limitations outside of our control. If our sample shipment experiences delays due to weather or unforeseen issues at customs, we may be able to refund your booking fees, but cannot be held responsible for any additional travel costs that may be incurred to rescheduled or cancelled flights. Attempting to travel during COVID-19 is a risk and we sincerely promise to do the best we can to get you to your destination.

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